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Unlike conventional lenses, in addition to providing sight correction, Impression® lenses by Rodenstock take into account personalised information relating to facial features, the distance between the eyes, frame design and how the frame sits. Rodenstock includes these personal “measurements” when adjusting and preparing your Impression progressive lenses. This ensures you will have made-to- measure lenses with maximum visual performance. Each Impression® by Rodenstock lens adapts perfectly to you and your particular needs.

imax IMAX: is a customised progressive lens whose design is adapted to your prescription, the distance between pupils and the specific length of the “vision corridor” of each patient. Its parameters are also optimised for the angle of your face and the pantoscopic tilt is adapted to the actual Position of Wear. The Imax design adjusts perfectly to your sight progression, extending from the point plotted for distance vision to the exact point of convergence in near vision (INSET), thus achieving a much better adjustment.

imaxevo IMAX EVO: Imax Evo is especially indicated for demanding users, as its design adjusts to the geometry of curved frames with strong tilts.  They are individually customised to adapt to the user’s position of wear so as to achieve a perfect adjustment and maximum visual performance. The design takes account of your face angle and pantoscopic tilt to fit your preferred frame. ImaxEvo is especially designed for high prescriptions, increasing your field of vision for both distance and near vision.

imaxsport IMAX SPORT: The design of ImaxSport optimises the progressive surface of the lens, combining your prescription data and the frame with all the variable parameters. It has been designed to offer a high performance lens regardless of the curve of the frame. To achieve this it incorporates a prism correction, particularly important in the case of pronounced facial angles and strong positive lenses, resulting in a better convergence and a more relaxed and comfortable vision. Its special design for curved frames with variable decentering provides a wider field of vision, and their special faceting results in extra thin lenses and lighter, more attractive glasses.

imaxmaster IMAX MASTER: “Specialization by design". Considering that we do not all have the same interests or the same visual preferences, that we do not all undertake the same activities with our lenses, nor do we spend the same amount of time doing the same things, a new progressive lens has been designed: the ImaxMaster. ImaxMaster is the only lens that not only adjusts to the user, but also adjusts to the uses to which it will be put. This lens is optimised for your own personal specifications, including your prescription, dip, pantoscopic tilt, facial angle, as well as your lifestyle.

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